About Us

The Connection for Mental Health, PLC is a confidential counseling service. We provide therapy for individuals, adolescents, children, couples, families and groups. The therapists’ treatment approach is based on the knowledge that thoughts, emotions and behaviors are all connected. Our purpose is to help people make this connection in positive ways, which will allow them to live happier more fulfilled lives. The therapists have over 50 years collective experience and ongoing professional training in the treatment of:

Anxiety  •  Depression  •  Grief  •  Anger Management  •  Marital/Relationship Problems  •  Pre-marital Counseling  •  Stress  •  Work Related Issues  •  Eating Disorders  •  Divorce  •  PTSD  •  Bi-Polar Disorder  •  Behavior Problems in Children  •  ADD, ADHD  •  School Related Problems  •  Child Abuse  •  Adoption and Attachment Issues